I am delighted and most honoured to announce the lovely organisers have agreed to let me launch the second of my steampunk novel series at this year’s Asylum. And my publishers have confirmed Cyrus Darian and the Ghastly Horde will be there in time. Huzzah!

Like its predecessor Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron, the new book is a labour of love…..my small but heartfelt contribution to the creative outpourings inspired by the steampunk aesthetic.

Like many love affairs, mine began with a distant fascination and curiosity. I was attending the fabulous Elf Fantasy Festival in Holland as a guest author in 2008. Three days of extravaganza with over 30,000 people from all over Europe, held in the beautiful grounds of a fairy tale castle. Among the magnificent orcs and angels, the whole families including the babies and dogs dressed as demons, were some smartly dressed folk in Victorian garb with amazing flashing, whirring and steam-driven gadgets and weapons. I had no idea why they were dressed that way but I thought they looked wonderful. When I returned to the UK, it was straight onto Google to learn all I could about the steampunk aesthetic but the affair did not grow then, I was too busy with life, family, work and writing the next novels in my dark fantasy series, Legacy of the Dark Kind

In 2010, I was at Eastercon, another large four day SF and Fantasy gathering. One night there was a Steampunk Ball….I swooned with desire for the splendid, elegant and inventive costumes but like Cinderella, I had no clothes to go to the ball. Smitten totally by steampunk by now, I retired to my lonely hotel bedroom with my room service supper and began work on what would become Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron.

Steampunk has now taken over my life…and my work desk. Not just a place for my laptop, with steampunk wallpaper or course. It now has piles of fabric and lace and sewing paraphernalia for outfits, jewellery making tools, cogs and gears. Even my 1960’s Trolls are resplendent in the tiny steampunk garb I made for them.

Some love affairs fade with time….this one if for keeps.

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